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Get 1 actionable tip every week to grow your meta-community (Web3/NFTs/metaverse), without the scams.

Get 1 actionable tip every week to grow your meta-community (Web3/NFTs/metaverse), without the scams.

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Boron Letters, LUNA Crash, & Surviving Bear Markets

The not-so-convenient truth about "community-building" for NFT and Web3 projects is that it's very much about branding, copywriting, and marketing. Understanding the technology (for better or worse) isn't as big a deal for those who get the psychology of thei…


Recession Signals, Coinbase Lawsuit & NFT Failures

Looking to build a community of your own for Web3 or the metaverse, the right way? Wanting to train or coach your team to prepare for this emerging tech? Book a complementary Zoom call with us today to discuss your needs.


Nike NFT shoes for $8K a pop? 🤯

Things are shifting in the online/meta/NFT space. This week, we saw Elon Musk buy out Twitter for $44 billion, a mass wave of ENS (Ethereum Name Server) purchases for three- and four-letter domains, and Nike earn $8,000 per NFT sneaker in the metaverse. That'…


Elon Musk buys Twitter

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🦉 Moon Birds, NFTxPhysical & ERC-721 Disputes

After a successful first 3 months with our Meta-Community Micro-Accelerator (MCMA), we're now in the process of creating a more comprehensive accelerator (Meta-Community Accelerator). Our original MCMA program will no longer be conducted as monthly cohorts, b…


Discord Exploits, MCMA3 & Making Money with NFTs

Our Meta-Community Micro-Accelerator (MCMA) turned out to be quite the hit! Over the first 3 months of the year, we managed to validate the concept and receive an average 4.8/5 rating for content and delivery. After doing initial tests, we heard some wanted a…


Virtual Fortunes, ApeCoin & Biden's Executive Order

This week, we look at how early adopters are cashing in on the "metaverse", the controversy over the launch of ApeCoin (part of YugaLabs Bored Ape Yacht Club brand), and President Biden's recent Executive Order covering cryptocurrencies and digital assets. We…


Build Your Own Meta-Community (🐥 Get 25% off)

Hey there!If you haven't heard the news already, Faiā has been testing a program since January called the Meta-Community Micro-Accelerator (MCMA). It's been so successful, we've been having to increase the price each round. 🤖 What is a 'meta-community'?Our Ma…


Historical NFTs, Rising Scams & Meta-Communities

Our Managing Director was featured in an interview with The World from PRX, about GoDaddy winning the bid for Tuvalu's .tv reseller rights.Coingeek wrote an article about our new Meta-Community Micro-Accelerator, which we successfully completed a first round …


Goodbye 2021, hello 2022 👋

Happy New Year's!We hope you had a wonderful 2021, all things considered, and have an even better 2022. In this issue, we're going to do a roundup of the last year, plus a look into predictions and plans for the next.


Nike/Spotify NFTs, Matrix Awakens & Craig Wright

We've launched a swarm of new products and content as a result of us doubling down on meta-communities (communities within the metaverse). Our original mission of "bridging communities and (blockchain) tech" has found a home in this new trendy word (thanks Ma…


On 🔥 with our new Micro-Accelerator

Hey everyone,Things are getting hot at Faiā HQ! We're running at hyper-speed to get the concept of meta-communities out for Web 3.0 and the metaverse.Did you know that we actually coined this term, in relation to the metaverse? Do a Google search for "buildin…


Faiā "MetaLetter" - Issue #1

Hi there!Alyssa here from Faiā. Welcome to our new edition of the Faiā "MetaLetter". We've rebranded to "MetaLetter" because we're embracing the metaverse, which combines our love for communities and tech (blockchains specifically). We have a ton to share thi…


⚫️ Black Friday Deal

We've got a Black Friday SALE over the next 24 hours!To not only celebrate the launch of our new website and newsletter (you might've noticed this new formatting), we're giving all of our subscribers 100% off our upcoming Community Dynamics profile test:Click…