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Build Your Own Meta-Community (🐥 Get 25% off)

Build Your Own Meta-Community (🐥 Get 25% off)
By Faiā • Issue #7 • View online
An introduction to our MCMA program (starting March 28th, 2022), which helps digital marketers, strategists, and community-builders get ready for Web3.

Some of our past MCMA students
Some of our past MCMA students
Hey there!
If you haven’t heard the news already, Faiā has been testing a program since January called the Meta-Community Micro-Accelerator (MCMA). It’s been so successful, we’ve been having to increase the price each round.
🤖 What is a ‘meta-community’?
Our Managing Director wrote a great article about this (on-chain) here. Essentially, it is an umbrella term we repurposed (“coined”) to describe “communities of communities” being built for Web3, NFTs, DAOs, etc. Ideally, they are communities being built natively on-chain, and/or can include ownership (e.g. tokens, micropayments, etc.).
However, due to the transition period, most communities are still being built on Web2 platforms (e.g. Discord, Slack, Telegram, etc.). Something we cover more about in our MCMA program.
🚀 What is a micro-accelerator?
Most accelerators will typically take you on a journey for more than 4 weeks. In our MCMA, we take you through a journey in just 4 days. In the spirit of micro-payments (one of the original use cases for blockchain and “crypto”), we decided to call this program a micro-accelerator because of its shorter duration.
We have already received feedback from students that they wished it was longer (we’re flattered). Have a look:
🎁 What you get
Over a period of 4 days (2 hours per day), you’ll receive uncommon, yet profound knowledge about:
  1. Community-building foundations for Web3
  2. Creating transformative community experiences
  3. Legal ramifications around tokenization and NFT fundraising
  4. Choosing the right platforms
  5. Best practices for growing meta-communities
At the end, you’ll also produce a Meta-Community Blueprint you can use to anchor your own community, or teach others how to build meta-communities of their own. Here’s an example of what it ends up looking like:
You’ll get access to the above, plus various other frameworks, once you join.
🐤 The early-bird gets the worm
We’ve been running a Super Early-Bird (50% off) and Early-Bird (25% off) promo over the last couple weeks. The price of the program is currently USD$400 $300 (with the Early-Bird promo).
There’s one week left to take advantage of the discount, which ends March 20th, so if you’re at all interested, feel free to go to:
  1. Meta-Community Micro-Accelerator - to learn more
  2. Click here to enroll (and use the code EARLYBIRD at checkout)
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to hit that REPLY button. Look forward to seeing you in the program!
Speak soon,
Managing Director, Faiā
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