Faiā "MetaLetter" - Issue #1





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Faiā "MetaLetter" - Issue #1
By Faiā • Issue #2 • View online
Hi there!
Alyssa here from Faiā. Welcome to our new edition of the Faiā “MetaLetter”. We’ve rebranded to “MetaLetter” because we’re embracing the metaverse, which combines our love for communities and tech (blockchains specifically). We have a ton to share this November - so you can watch the video update at the end, or keep scrolling if you are the more reading type.
New website
The digital evolution towards Web 3.0 and the Metaverse is rapidly approaching, many of you may have dabbled or heard of NFTs, cryptocurrency, blockchain, all of these examples and more are part of this emergence. Our role is to prepare and leap frog businesses and Governments for this change.
Meta communities
At Faiā we define this as ‘A meta-community is any “community of communities” within the metaverse’
All future companies companies will have communities in the metaverse.
All future companies companies will be communities in the metaverse
Also this month, we have completed our first webinar series for Intro the Metaverse and Web 3.0 for businesses. Thank you to all the participants who joined us! We have a couple more webinars before the year comes to a close.
Community Dynamics profiling tool
Talk about a big month?! We’ve softly launched our new profiling tool for organisations to find out what community they have.
The last couple of years, the pandemic has forced global shifts in our culture of how we work and live. This digital evolution will continue to push for change, work won’t ever really be the same again. Using Community Dynamics will show a-ha! moments for organisations to understand their readiness for change and see opportunities to best prepare their teams and communities.
We are on the look-out for organisations who want a head start and pilot it, so get in touch if you want to know more.
Become a founding member! be first to get access to the system once it’s released, plus many other perks and benefits! Yes here!
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So again, what does this all mean?!
As an appetiser to help you wrap your mind around it - this emerging market and industry is estimated to be valued over $1 trillion dollars… have I got your attention yet? So I personally would like to say, a little knowledge about this space will help you go a long way, there is room for everyone. Everything will soon unfold, our cultures and lifestyles will shift, but not without pivots, experimentation and an open mind. Do get in touch with us to work out what you can do… get in the game.

Update: MetaLetter November issue
Update: MetaLetter November issue
Our new website at www.faiacorp.com
Our new website at www.faiacorp.com
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Company Updates
Intro to Meta Communities - Zoom
Building meta communities for the next generation.
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