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[June Review] Downtrends, NFT.NYC & Trademark Lawsuits

[June Review] Downtrends, NFT.NYC & Trademark Lawsuits
By Faiā • Issue #18 • View online
On June 23rd, NFT.NYC concluded its 4th leading annual industry event for NFTs. You can tune in to all the chatter on Twitter here.
Based on conversations observed online, there seemed to be a lot of in-person optimism (despite the crypto downtrend), exciting new project launches, and an unsurprising ratio of men to women (9:1 reportedly).
There was also some rumor about Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) being built by Nazis. Fortunately, the founders responded to the trolling here. Who knows what’s actually true here, but these NFT brands are certainly taking off with superstar collaborations - Eminem and Snoop released a music video featuring Bored Apes and Pharrell became a Chief Brand Officer for Doodles. The most interesting piece of news, though, was that of Yuga Labs filing a trademark lawsuit over artist Ryder Ripps. Expect there to be more of these.
What this all presents, however, is an opportunity to objectively look at the differences between what is shared online vs the realities offline.
Despite the inability of many of the most popular blockchains to scale with their layer-2 applications, and declining token prices, it has not deterred enthusiasts from continuing to build.
And this is a good thing.
What will be important, however, is that the builders take on the responsibility (and accountability) of choosing more solid blockchains.
So all these communities that are being built for “Web 3” don’t collapse in on themselves due to poor choices by the builders. People don’t often find out about their house’s plumbing issues until after a house is built. Blockchain is plumbing.
In the rest of this issue, my team will take you through a recap of all our newsletters from the past month, and share a bit about a new area of focus.
Speak soon,
George Siosi Samuels
Managing Director, Faiā

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BTC Down, Solana Takeover & Meta-Community Builders | Revue
Meta-Community Transformation (MCT)
Yesterday, our founder wrote an article coining the term Meta-Community Transformation (MCT).
If you’ve heard of Digital Transformation and/or Community Transformation, then think of MCT as a combination of the two for the purpose of preparing businesses & communities for a “meta” future.
This comes as a result of work done extensively with clients over the years, and formulating more of our own processes.
The reason for this new term is because we’ve often observed that a company’s external results are often influenced by internal culture. And a company’s internal culture is often reflected [and/or influenced by] the tools used daily. When we fix the internal issues, a lot of the external ones (often related to their communities) get fixed too. 
Meta-communities, as defined by Faiā, are not only about “communities of communities” (e.g. ecosystems) but are also about communities being built for Web3 or the metaverse. Ideally, they are being built on-chain.
We position ourselves differently by focusing on clients who are:
  1. Experiencing high growth
  2. Struggling to keep up with change
  3. Seeking to professionalize
  4. In transition but open to change
  5. Beyond ideation or product-market fit stage
As a result, we will be focused on serving high-growth startups, progressive enterprises, and Web3 community managers. All with the intent of preparing the next generation of businesses for a ‘meta’ future.
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