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On 🔥 with our new Micro-Accelerator

On 🔥 with our new Micro-Accelerator
By Faiā • Issue #3 • View online

Hey everyone,
Things are getting hot at Faiā HQ! We’re running at hyper-speed to get the concept of meta-communities out for Web 3.0 and the metaverse.
Did you know that we actually coined this term, in relation to the metaverse? Do a Google search for “building meta communities” or see our on-chain proof here.
As part of our new direction, we are packaging our meta-community brain juice and launching a micro-accelerator in January 2022 for “building meta-communities.” So if you are a business professional who really wants in on Web 3.0, metaverse, and this emerging space, this is your chance.
This action-oriented micro-accelerator will be a 1 week sprint @ 2hrs a day.
Folks, we know it’s no easy task to hop on this metaverse ship, but that’s why we’re here, so let’s make it work for your business and get your meta-community MVP (Minimum Viable Product) started. Product-Market Fit is now the new Community-Market Fit!
All businesses that join will be working on the lowest-hanging fruit that they identify during the program, from there we’ll speed track you on the 101s of DAOs, NFTs, choosing the right platform, and more.
By the end of the accelerator, you should have a community persona identified, a community roadmap, a Discord (or equivalent) setup, and everything you need to start building a community of your own in this space.
The fee is $197, but you can use our special discount code to receive $100 off: ‘earlybird’
(if you wish to pay using BTC/ETH/BSV - just email us for details).
Ready to enroll? Click here
If you have any questions, please email us at Otherwise stay tuned with us via our MetaLetter or Twitter.
Thank you, catch you soon!
Assistant Director
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By Faiā

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